Types Of Projects

About Yodeling Penguin

Stain Glass Effects

We print on acrylics giving an alturnitve to stained glass with is heavy and can break


Many types of decales. Water decales of modeling and crafting or decales for you club that can be placed on a car. 

Logos On Trains

We can print on most model train cars that are O scale and smaller.

Graffiti on Trains

Provide your own graffiti or select from one of our train graffiti designs. All of our train graffitti is from real train graffiti.

Wooded Train Track

Personalize a message to that specail child in your life.

Yodeling Penguin on Ebay

Go to our eBay store

On eBay we sell many different items ... not just trains.

We are based outside of Minneapolis, MN (USA).

Most of our business in generated though pop-culture and model railroading events.

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